A Non-Partier’s Quick Trip to Las Vegas

I never showed any interested in going to Las Vegas. Nothing from that place appealed to me. Actually, most of what I knew about that place did just the contrary.   So… I just got back from Las Vegas, and I loved it.

My boyfriend and I had a week’s vacation from work, and had planned on taking it easy. We were going to relax, go to the beach, do some paddleboard, eat on a terrace… The basics. And then, Tuesday morning, my boyfriend decided to book us a trip to Vegas, and Wednesday morning we were off. He had been wanting to go there for a long time, so I thought, Why not. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

We arrived Wednesday morning and stayed at the Cosmopolitan until Saturday morning. The hotel was splendid. It is very modern while still being very classic and chic. The staff was polite, very nice and efficient. Our room was a terrace studio, and it was plenty of space for us. Balcony, king-size bed, two televisions, mini-bar, micro-wave, sofa, double sinks in the bathroom (Amen to that), huge shower… I realized once we were back home that I did not take any pictures of the room or the hotel. I got too caught up with snapchat … rookie mistake.

Terrace Studio View
View from terrace studio (our room).

We spent our days walking on the strip, visiting different hotels, shopping and eating. Everywhere you look, there is something to see, and a Starbucks. There’s a Starbucks everywhere you look. There was a Sephora and an Urban Outfitters right across the street from our hotel. We stopped at CVS for beer and protein bars. And the hotels … oh my. I still can’t believe how beautiful they are. Walking into the Bellagio, the Caesar Palace and the Venetian was breath taking.

Las Vegas Strip Day
Las Vegas Strip – Day time
Las Vegas Sephora
Hey there, you.


We wanted to go to a pool party, but just ended up relaxing at the pools in our hotel, which were pretty smooth. The weather was so unbelievably hot (my boyfriend’s sandals actually melted in the sun), but I loved it. Slather me in sunscreen and lay me out to grill at 44° Celsius. When it got too hot, we just took a dip in the pool.

The Cosmopolitan Pool
Cosmopolitan Pool
Hanging by the Pool
Selfie by the pool.

I know how lame that sounds, but we didn’t really get to experience the night life. We did do a little walking, but the day got us so exhausted that we usually ended up in bed by midnight. To be honest, I was out of my comfort zone at night. But it is still incredible to see. The city at night is beautiful. I do wish we could’ve done more exploring.

Las Vegas Strip Night
Las Vegas Strip – Night Time

On our last night. We went to see Le Cirque du Soleil. I’ve been wanting to see Le Cirque du Soleil for so long, and I was so excited that we finally got to go. We went to see “O” at the Bellagio. The orchestra was beautiful, the visual was amazing, and I was totally sucked in by the Baudelaire-ish style of it all: a strange mix of beauty and sinister. I’m still astonished by what these people can do… I have a hard time keeping my balance just standing on my two feet.

Bellagio O
Bellagio – “O” Theatre

I hate gambling. I hate putting my money in slot machines. I have absolutely no luck whatsoever when it comes to this, and I’ve made my peace with it. My boyfriend, however, loves it. Fortunately, not in a problematic, out of control, kinda way, he just likes it. And he actually wins. So, we spent a little while walking around the Casino areas, hoping to get free drinks when we sat down at a machine. Though we did not win any significant amount of money, it was still fun. (Because we were reasonable! Always be reasonable!)

Corgi Slot Machine
I had to try this one. Come on.

Three days went by so quick and we didn’t have time so see all we wanted to see. So, we decided we’d go back. Yup. This girl who wanted nothing to do with Vegas is actually thinking of going back. Who would’ve though…there’s more to Las Vegas than just crazy parties, drinking and half-naked women.

I’d love to get your recommendations for our next stay 😊

Thank you so much for reading, xo

Jamie A.

P.S. This wouldn’t be complete without food shots.

Henry_s Big Brioche French Toast
The Henry – Henry’s Big Brioche French Toast.
Jimmy Buffet's MargaritaVille
Go have margaritas at Jimmy Buffet’s MargaritaVille!