Spa Evening… In the Comfort of Your Home

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Or did you have a stressful week (or weeks)? Or do you just feel like pampering yourself? How about a nice relaxing spa evening in the comfort of your own home? Just put on that music you love, pour yourself a cup of tea, a glass of wine, fresh juice, iced water, smoothie, whatever you want really … and relax.

Step 1

Before I do anything, I have to clean my face. If I wore make up that day, I start by breaking down the makeup with a cleansing oil (Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil, Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm) and then I wash my face using a face cleanser (First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser) to make sure everything is squeaky clean.


Step 2

I turn the lights down and turn the warm water on. A nice bath helps with relaxing my muscles and the steam from the warm water opens my pores in prep for my upcoming facial. I like adding products to my bath to make the experience even more enjoyable. A few drops of the Aveda Stress-fix composition oil will make you feel like you’ve walked straight into a spa. A cheaper alternative would be the Johnson’s baby soothing vapour bath; it smells amazing and soothing as well. I feel like these calming scents just ease my breathing and calm my body.


Step 3

Once I’m out of the bath, it’s time to exfoliate. For a deep exfoliation, I love the Dr.Brandt microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator (Got it in my FitFabFun Spring box!) It’s meant for every skin type, from sensitive to oily to dry. It doesn’t irritate my very difficult skin, but if you’re more into gentle exfoliation, I’d recommend the Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel or the Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. When you exfoliate, remember to be very gentle, don’t rub the product into your skin, rub it on your skin. I rub in circular motions for about 60 seconds, and then I rinse with lukewarm water and pat my face dry. (Don’t rub! Pat.)


Step 4

To sooth my skin after a good rubbing, I apply a hydrating mask. Even oily skins can benefit from a good hydrating mask. I have a few that I love. My favourites are the Karuna sheet masks (KARUNA Hydrating+Face Mask, KARUNA Anti-Oxidant+Face mask). I leave them on for about 20 to 30 minutes, remove them and massage the remaining product into my skin. They’re a great option for oily skins. The Fresh Rose Face Mask is also a great product that provides great hydration without any heavy or greasy feeling to it. However, if you have dry skin that needs extra moisture, The GlamGlow ThirstymudTM Hydrating Treatment is another great option.



Once the mask is on, it’s time to relax.

You can leave the mask on for the recommended time, or longer if you want. In the meanwhile, you can go on and hydrate your whole body by slathering yourself in body lotion. To further enhance the relaxing experience, the Aveda stress-fix body crème is amazing. I also love the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus Lotion; it is super lightweight and absorbs really quickly into the skin. Not to mention that its amazing light coconut smell will make you feel like you’re on a nice summer vacation.

Now, just lie down, turn on Netflix, read a book, meditate … the important this is to have fun and relax.


Step 5

Time to take off the mask. The Karuna’s masks do not need rinsing, but the other ones do. I rinse it off with lukewarm water again and pat my face dry. (Pat! Be nice with your skin.) Next, I apply my one and only, the Amorepacific treatment toner. This is the only toner I’ve ever loved. It makes my skin feel soft and fresh and hydrated. It soothes redness and dryness, and helps any other treatment or moisturizer to absorb better into the skin.

To finish, I’ll usually apply my acne treatment, or I’ll go with a night treatment. I love using the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate. This stuff is amazing and it leaves my skin looking radiant in the morning. I kid you not, this stuff is magical.


And then I’m done. I’ll go to bed or watch “just another episode” on Netflix.

Giving your skin this little extra care once in a while can do great things for it in the long run. And hey, it’s fun! So, I hope you enjoy yourself and this helps you establish your own little routine.

Thank you so much for reading, xo

Jamie A.

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4 thoughts on “Spa Evening… In the Comfort of Your Home

  1. I’m going to have to look into those Karuna masks. Since I have oily skin, a lot of those “moisturizing/hydrating masks” always end making me look greasy! 😦 And I really have to get my hands on that Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery!!! I’ve heard/read so much raves about that product, but because of the price tag, I’ve put off purchasing it. Now, I’m really about to cave in!

    And because I don’t have a bathtub at home, I might end up just going to an actual spa. I need to put that on my calendar. :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely try the Karuna masks then! And the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery is one of those products that’s worth the money since there’s nothing else like it out. If I didn’t have so much issue with breakouts and didn’t NEED my acne treatment (which I can’t mix with pretty much anything or my face literary burns off. And I mean red peeling skin), I’d use this every night.
      Haha You should definitely treat yourself to an actual spa then! 🙂


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