Well, hello there.

            I thought I would write this short message to welcome you to this blog.

           Maybe you’re a beauty junky, maybe this is all new to you, maybe you’re somewhere in between. And that’s alright, because I want this blog to be a space where we share and learn, and build each other up.

            I want you to come here to indulge and love yourself. Find not your flaws, but your strengths. Makeup and all that is beauty related should be the expression of your outer and inner beauty, never a mask behind which to hide. You are beautiful, always. Show fierceness through that sharp eyeliner and confidence through that bold, over lined liquid lipstick. But never forget to show your bare face with pride.

So again, welcome. I hope you enjoy this little outlet that I’ve created for myself.

Thank you for reading,

Jamie A.



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